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Don't "mock" the mock drafts

Matt Mosley asks an interesting question. Do NFL teams look at mock drafts? He answers that question, partially, in his latest column. A few teams admitted that they look at them, but most say they don’t. The potential draftees look at them and this causes some guys to think they will be drafted higher than what actually happens. Former GM Tom Donahoe made an admission:

Former Bills general manager Tom Donahoe came clean with his enjoyment of mock drafts Wednesday afternoon and said they could actually be helpful.

"Whether teams admit it or not, they're looking at them," he said. "If you keep seeing a guy in the first round who you don't have there, it's probably a good idea to take another look at him."

For the record, Donahoe said Bob McGinn (Milwaukee Journal Sentinel), Rick Gosselin (Dallas Morning News) and Mel Kiper (ESPN) provide the best mock drafts.

"Mel does so many, he's gotta be right on something," Donahoe joked.

Mickey Spags worked his way through the process of figuring out what position the Cowboys will go after at #22. (Guess Mick is discarding the BPA theory, too.) The answer is hardly any surprise, considering what most of the mock drafts have been saying.  

That leaves wide receiver and cornerback, and you know what, it seems the depth in this draft - if the Cowboys decide to hang with the 22nd pick (sorry to add more confusion) - is with receivers and cornerbacks.

We could argue the Cowboys legitimately have three capable players at each position, so why do that? Well, here is my thinking. This team could use an infusion of speed, and what better spots to add some wheels than corner and receiver?

ESPN is doing a series on the best draft picks at each spot in the Top 10. Our very own Roy just made the list for their all-time #8 picks.

10. DB Roy Williams (2002) -- Cowboys
Williams has been regarded as one of the NFL's hardest hitters ever since coming into the league in 2002. He is a four-time Pro Bowler with 17 career interceptions. He is also the player most responsible for the NFL's institution of a rule against the horse-collar tackle, following his takedown of WR Terrell Owens during the 2004 season, which resulted in a broken leg for Owens.

Greg Ellis got an honorable mention.

Another look at the linebackers in the draft.

Nice post on a blog about what Jay Novacek is up to nowadays, plus some memories from his playing days.

Hat tip to WoodysGirl over at the Zone for the Novacek post.

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