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Mayock doubts Ken Hamlin, says we need secondary help

Mike Mayock isn’t buying Ken Hamlin as the answer to our secondary problems.

But at least one draft analyst isn't buying it. The NFL Network's Mike Maycock believes the Cowboys still have a major need in the secondary even after they signed free-agent safety Ken Hamlin to a one-year deal to play deep while Roy Williams moves closer to the line of scrimmage.

"They're the same type of player," Maycock said. "Between Hamlin and Roy Williams, they don't cover a lot of ground."

Mayock thinks Dallas still needs to address the secondary with either a safety or a corner in the first round. He also reminds us that this draft is stocked with excellent corners and safeties.

In the same article, old helmet-hair himself, Mel Kiper, brings up Aaron Ross.

"(Ross) is an intimidator who can jar the ball loose, make some plays," ESPN's Mel Kiper Jr. said. "He's not super fast in terms of recovery ability, but he's fast enough and quick enough."

It’s going to be interesting on draft day with so many options. But the good news is that there are a lot of corners and wide receivers to choose from in this draft, if that’s the direction the Cowboys decide to go.

For the record, I think Ken Hamlin is going to be just fine as our free safety.

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