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Scouting report

In this DMN article, Jerry Jones reiterates the idea that this draft will be all about the scout’s input. The coaches are spending their time getting to know the current roster and creating the offenses and defenses that we’ll use. They’ve already given the scouts info on the type of players they want, leaving it all up to the guys who spend everyday thinking about college players.

It all sounds good and proper, the way you’d think a professional football organization would run its draft. But I still worry about one thing – the super scout. The one who can overrule all the other scouts. In Dallas, that super scout is Jerry Jones. Let’s hope he can manage to stay out of his own way.

From the article you also get this interesting little story from an early Parcells’ draft in Dallas.

The night before the 2003 draft, scouts and personnel people wanted the team to draft Terence Newman, the cornerback from Kansas State, if he was available.

Parcells preferred Oklahoma State defensive tackle Kevin Williams.

Owner/general manager Jerry Jones took Parcells out to dinner and convinced him Newman was the better choice. The next day, Dallas selected Newman as the No. 5 pick in the first round, and he's started every game since.

Rick Gosselin has his second mock draft out and selects a player for Dallas that none of us have really mentioned over the last month.

  1. Dallas Michael Griffin S Texas       COMMENT: Best special-teamer in the draft

I’ve seen Griffin’s name before on a mock draft or two, but never really considered him as the pick. But if Goose says it, I guess we have to consider it. He’s not the guy for me even though I’ve seen some good things about his aggressive play and his versatility.


Goose also breaks down the defensive line candidates, here.

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