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Wrapping up the press conference

Nick Eatman covers the nuts and bolts of the Jerry Jones’ presser today, while Tom Orsborn gives a little more perspective. And what’s up with Calvin Watkins starting a rumor in his article:

If the Cowboys move up, it would be for a potential star such as Calvin Johnson, the wide receiver from Georgia Tech, who is considered the top player in the draft, or a running back such as Adrian Peterson from Oklahoma.

I thought I heard Jerry distinctly say he wasn’t willing to pay the price to get Calvin Johnson. But hey, what do I know, right? I’m all for it Jerry, if Calvin says get Calvin, then I say it, too.

Rob Phillips covers some of the other stuff that came out of the presser.

But forget all that junk, this is the only thing you need to see.

Hat tip to the DMN blog for the last link.

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