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More Cowboys draft stuff

Lots of chatter out there today about Jerry Jones consulting with Larry Lacewell and Barry Switzer about draft prospects. Mark Mosley picks up the theme in his latest. I’m not too worried about it, I must believe that Jeff Ireland is large and in charge, otherwise, my sanity will be under siege. Now, if the draft is all crazy come Sunday evening, then I got a problem.

On to other things Mosley talks about:

On Monday, he said Phillips places more emphasis on speed than Parcells. He also said Parcells believed in prototypes (6-3, 260-pound linebackers) while Phillips is more willing to take a talented player at any size and fit him into the system.

In other words, he'll do what Jones tells him.

Based on what the Cowboys' owner said Monday, I wouldn't expect Dallas to take a wide receiver in the first round. Jones thinks he can land a quality receiver in the second round such as South Carolina's Sidney Rice, and the Cowboys already have some talented young players at the position.

Jones acknowledged that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell's tough stance regarding off-field behavior has put teams on notice, but it doesn't sound like Miami safety Brandon Meriweather's character issues will scare off the Cowboys. If the club stays at No. 22, there's a good chance they'll choose Meriweather. If they trade down, look for them to target Purdue defensive end/linebacker Anthony Spencer, who would give then a much-needed pass-rusher.

I can’t disagree with any of that. I’ve been saying that waiting on a WR until the 2nd round would be the way to go in this draft, with all the talent at the position but no one who is a sure-thing past Calvin Johnson. There are 8-10 good choices at WR after Calvin Johnson, and a bunch of possible sleepers in later rounds.

If they stay at #22 I’ve been predicting Aaron Ross if nobody unexpected drops down to us, but I could just as easily see Meriweather, Griffin or someone else like that.

If they trade down, then Anthony Spencer is a good target but I’m betting he’s going to go earlier than expected, and the Cowboys might not be able to get him. But they could still get a good player either late in the 1st or early in the 2nd.

But the trade up scenario is tempting. Especially if it was for someone like Adrian Peterson. Here’s Adam Schefter on Peterson from a week ago.

And one of the most intriguing prospects, partly because he could go as high as Cleveland at No. 3 or as low as Buffalo at No. 12, is [Adrian] Peterson.

But the most notable visit Peterson made might have been April 13 to Minnesota, when the Vikings snuck the running back into town shortly after their dinner meeting for 25 college prospects. Peterson's visit went under the radar, but there are some around the league who believe the Vikings will have an interesting decision to make at No. 7, when Peterson could be available.

If he gets past the Vikes, then Houston at #10 might be the next spot. Would Jerry try to get up that high? He sounded yesterday like that would be about at his threshold.

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