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TNT won't be blown up in 2008

Some of you noticed the following quote in a Tom Orsborn article that I missed on my first read.

But Jones suggested he would jump at the chance to trade up to acquire an offensive player who could "juice up the offense." Terry Glenn and Terrell Owens are both in their 30s and Jones says "you can bet the house" both will be gone in 2008, so a receiver is a possibility.

(ed. - my emphasis)

I agree with you guys, that quote is in error. I don’t remember Jones saying that; I remember him saying he thought at least one if not both would be back in 2008. Plus, if he had said that both would be gone, it would’ve been huge news. Everybody would’ve written about it, including me. So yes, this quote is a mistake, and he should clarify it.

JJT tries to make the case that drafting an OLB in the first round wouldn’t necessarily affect Bobby Carpenter’s role.

Q: If the Cowboys take Jarvis Moss, what does that mean for Bobby Carpenter?

TAYLOR: Based on the people I talk to at Valley Ranch, I think you have to stop thinking about Carpenter as a traditional linebacker. Picture the way New England uses Mike Vrabel, another former Ohio State player, and you'll get an idea for how the Cowboys envision Carpenter's future. They think he's better if he plays a little defensive end in passing situations, a little inside linebacker and a little outside linebacker to take advantage of his strengths and keep the offense from getting an idea of where he's coming from on every play. That's why drafting Moss wouldn't necessarily affect Carpenter's role.

I don’t know - that all sounds good in theory in April, but making that happen in September is another thing. If Carpenter can be that versatile and still be effective, and if Wade Phillips can concoct a defense where Carpenter can get some plays, Moss can get some plays, and Greg Ellis can get some plays, and they can all be happy and effective, then I say more power to everybody. It sounds a little ambitious, and it sounds like Carpenter would be some kind of reserve specialist, not a Vrabel clone, and that’s probably affecting what he thinks his role is. Any way you slice it, the end result sounds like it would mean changes for Carpenter. Of course, that's not the consideration, what's best for the team should be the consideration.

Mickey Spags doesn’t buy the "OLB in the first round" theory in his roster review of the linebacker position. But we could use some help with our depth, especially in the middle.

Here’s Mickey’s belated take on the Jerry Jones presser.

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