Surprises around every corner

Most of you probably know this but when Jerry Jones mentioned Calvin Hill several times yesterday in the context of reviewing character I undertook a search for Calvin Hill. The man is certainly far more than a former Cowboys player. One article here starts the reconnection to the Cowboys in 1997:

Former Dallas Cowboys star Calvin Hill and his wife Janet have been hired by Cowboys owner Jerry Jones as consultants for the team, which is in dire need of image reshaping.

The Hills, parents of NBA model citizen and superstar Grant Hill, agreed to be, consultants after a nationwide search by Jones. Mrs. Hill is vice president of the corporate consulting firm Alexander & Associates in Washington, D.C., which she founded. Mr. Hill, formerly a vice president for the Baltimore Orioles, is an independent consultant.

Calvin Hill has also been a consultant to Senator John Glenn, special assistant to the Director of the Peace Corps, a consultant to the Cleveland Browns (helping clean up a drug and alcohol culture there), a consultant with Fleet Financial Services, and labor relations representative for Bethlehem Steel. He sits on the board of Toys R Us. You would have to have a hard time finding a better model for his work than Grant Hill.

I feel better about the Cowboys drafting character issue players if Calvin Hill has to bless them. (Of course there is Quincy Carter but nobody gets them all right)

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