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More Cowboys draft stuff

Nick Eatman examines the cornerback position in terms of the roster and the draft. Reading Eatman’s article leads me to believe that he thinks there’s a good possibility a corner could be taken in the first round. After Leon Hall, who will probably be off the board early if he doesn’t slide, he mentions the usual suspects.

Pittsburgh's Darrelle Revis has shot up the draft boards quickly here in the last few weeks. At 5-11, 204, he has good size combined with blazing speed in the 4.3 range. He also has a knack for making big plays, returning two interceptions for touchdowns and two more punts for scores this past season.

It appears Revis is going to be out of range, too, according to the latest mocks. After that, it’s the usual suspects.

Texas' Aaron Ross is also a quality return specialist, having a 12.9-yard career punt return average with three touchdowns. Last year's Jim Thorpe Award winner as the nation's top defensive back, Ross made his share of big plays with six interceptions, three forced fumbles and two fumble recoveries.

Arkansas' Chris Houston is another intriguing prospect, though unlike Ross and Revis, he doesn't have much experience returning kicks. But his coverage skills might be better than the previous two.

Rick Gosselin lists his Top 100 draft prospects. Guess who lands at #22?

  1. Aaron Ross CB Texas

I'm just saying.

Don Banks posts his 7th and final mock draft. It took him all those tries to finally get it right.

22. CB Aaron Ross Texas Jr. 6-1 192 It's hard not to give the Cowboys one of the top-rated remaining receivers in Bowe or Meachem, but then I remember that Dallas hasn't spent a first-round pick on offense since 1997. The secondary seems to still be priority No. 1, and if Ross isn't the choice, then fellow ex-Longhorn Griffin or Miami's Meriweather could give a boost to Dallas at safety.

Yes, I admit that I’m pushing the Aaron Ross thing a little hard in this post, so I’ll back off now.

Micky Spags takes a look at the draft day strategies, here. Sounds like the article I wrote earlier today, except his doesn’t have the scientific percentages I assigned to each draft scenario. He also doesn’t have the oh-so-clever titles I gave to each theory. Maybe that’s a good thing.

Todd Archer makes one final pitch for the BPA theory. I’ll miss the BPA once the draft is over. I plan to reanimate the phrase for training camp, where I will explain every position battle with the thought that the BPA should play at each position. In fact, whenever I have a tough decision in life, I’ll use the BPA theory.

Starbucks cashier: Can I help you?

Me: Yes, I believe I’ll have the Tall Caramel Macchiato. After scouting today’s selections of coffee, I’ve concluded it’s the Best Coffee Available at my spot in the line. I really needed a Grande Espresso Con Panna, but that would’ve been a reach this early in the day.

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