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Happy NFL Draft Day!

Update [2007-4-28 10:26:16 by Grizz]: Here are the picks so far. If you made multiple picks, or hedged without saying definitively who you place your money on, then I took your first pick mentioned. Lots of you guys are still out there, make your pick!

Grizz – Aaron Ross
Jaxon - Ted Ginn Jr
Longhorn – Anthony Spencer
murph22 - Ted Ginn
Badknees - Ted Ginn
Tom - Aaron Ross
Doomsday - Dwayne Jarrett
lee3022 - Adrian Peterson
dunkman - Brandon Meriweather
DerekSTheRed - Marshawn Lynch
Terry - Reggie Nelson
Burt D - Anthony Spencer
Deke - Jarvis Moss
silverblue5 - Anthony Spencer
jtts - Lawrence Timmons
boysandbosox - Jarvis Moss
raysheff - Joe Staley


Yayyy! It’s April 28th, at least out here on the East Coast. It’s draft day. Rock on.

Consider this the first open thread of draft day. Now would be a good time to make your final prediction on who the Cowboys will draft with their first pick. Get on record, so we’ll know later when you claim - "I had that guy all along!"

I’m sticking with the guy who’s been my odds-on favorite for about a month. I’ve wavered some, taking on new challengers every week, but always came back to one player, Aaron Ross. He’s my pick.

If had to lay my money down, that’s who I’m saying will be the first pick. But I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s wrong, the Cowboys have a lot of options available at this time.

Nick Eatman takes a look at possible options in the first round, it’s a good list.

Rick Gosselin posted his final mock, and he’s going with Aaron Ross.

Selection: Aaron Ross, CB, Texas
Needs: WR, kick returner, safety
The Cowboys need depth at cornerback, and Ross gives it to them. He won the Thorpe Award as college football's top defensive back in 2006. The Cowboys also need help on special teams, finishing 21st in the NFL in punt returns. Ross has an 11.8-yard career punt return average with three touchdowns.

Post your pick – and see if you can limit it to one player. Pretend you had to lay all your money on just one player coming up as the Cowboys first pick, who would it be? And if you’ve got the cojones, there’s still time to get in on the Burt D draft challenge.

This is a draft day open thread. Post all news or rumors here, too.

Happy NFL Draft Day!

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