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2007 NFL draft open thread - Day 2

UPDATE: Dallas picks at #103 - Isaiah Stanback - QB. Interesting. Didn't see that coming. They're calling him a slash player.

Well, well, are we ready to do it all over again? The 2nd day may not be as sexy as the 1st day, but it can be the key to a successful draft. This is the day you find the hidden gems, and hopefully you find that guy that everybody talks about for years to come...say, someone like Tom Brady? OK, that’s a little much to hope for but you can find some good players in rounds 4-7, and the Cowboys have plenty of choices today to find one.

Actually picking players in itself should be a thrill today. We did end up with two players yesterday but it was a lot of starting and stopping. I got all pumped up at #22 for the pick, and while thrilled with the trade, still lost the adrenaline rush you get when you actually take a player. Then the Cowboys unleashed the Anthony Spencer pick on me before I could even get excited. I didn’t have time to get excited, no time for the anticipation to build. That trade also took the #36 pick out of play, so then I had to wait all the way to #53 to get excited again. Then they traded that away! By the time I got to #67, I was too worn out to get excited. They still did some very good things on the first day, but I’m looking forward to actually drafting some guys today.

So, what do the Cowboys need? I still want a CB and a WR, and one of them needs to return punts. A nose tackle would be nice, and maybe another linemen who can play center. This is also the time you can take a chance of some of the character-issue guys.

Oh yeah, Randy Moss is probably going to New England for a 4th round pick.

You can check out a couple of lists of Day 2 talent in the diaries, courtesy of Arkcowboys and barrypopik.

Here are some guys I like:

RB Michael Bush
WR David Clowney
CB Tanard Jackson
WR Aundrae Allison
NT Paul Soliai
LB Zak DeOssie
LB Brandon Siler
CB Kenny Scott
CB Courtney Brown
OL Josh Beekman
OL Manny Ramirez
C Leroy Harris

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