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2007 NFL draft open thread - Late rounds

Since Dallas has five picks in close proximity, let’s use this open thread for the rest of the draft. I’ll update this post with the newest picks.

#237 - The Cowboys final pick in the 2007 draft is: Alan Ball - CB - Illinois.
No idea about that kid. Anybody?

I found this review on

BIOGRAPHY: Four-year starter who posted career totals of 62/1/11 last season after 55/1/5 as a junior.

POSITIVES: Tall, thin cover corner who plays heads-up football. Effective facing the action, works well with safeties and quickly breaks on the ball. Reads the action, displays a good degree of suddenness to his game and fast up the field defending the run.

NEGATIVES: Not strong at the point, has tackles broken and loses out in battles. Struggles staying with receivers out from their breaks.

ANALYSIS: A developing corner who.s shown a lot of promise, Ball is a late-round selection who could be used as a nickel or dime back for a variety of defensive systems.

#212 - The Cowboys pick: Courtney Brown - CB - Cal Poly. That's a good pick.

Here’s NFLDraftCountdown on Brown:

Height: 6-13/8 | Weight: 200 | 40-Time: 4.34

Has very good size and bulk...Timed speed is excellent...An outstanding leaper...A playmaker with good hands and ball skills...Has top-notch intangibles...A fantastic athlete...Can also contribute on special teams...Has a lot of upside and potential.

Did not play against elite competition...Still raw in terms of technique and is not yet a finished product...Didn't get many opportunities as a senior because teams threw away from him...Has some durability concerns...Is he a bit too overhyped?

Played wide receiver as a freshman...He missed virtually the entire 2004 season due to a knee injury suffered in the season opener...Classic workout warrior who went from off the radar to a draftable prospect after an amazing Pro Day in which he ran in the low 4.3's with a 41 1/2 inch vertical...Hails from the same Division I-AA program that produced recent 3rd round picks Jordan Beck and Chris Gocong the last two years...Most certainly a very intriguing late round developmental guy.

#195 - We traded up with Cleveland, we gave up our #200 and #234. The pick is: Deon Anderson - FB - Connecticut
Woo hoo, I finally get my FB! But I know nothing about him.

Here’s NFLDraftCountdown on Anderson:

Height: 5-103/4 | Weight: 243 | 40-Time: 4.73

Has adequate size and bulk with a cut physique...Extremely strong...Decent timed speed...A real hard worker...Powerful runner...Plays with a nasty demeanor...Has good hands out of the backfield...Smart and aware...Has special teams potential.

Has some major off-the-field and character concerns...Only an average blocker at best and he needs to work on his technique...He doesn't deliver blows...Might be a 'tweener without a true NFL position...He is not overly elusive as a ball carrier.

He has run afoul of the law on a couple of occasions, including disorderly conduct, and those issues led to him missing the entire 2005 season...Versatile prospect who will likely fall further than he normally would...A sleeper who could surprise.

#178 - The Cowboys pick: Nick Folk - K - Arizona
Umm, I'm kind of stunned.

NFLDraftCountdown on Folk:

Has an extremely strong leg with range well beyond 50 yards...His kickoffs are outstanding and he can be a real weapon in the field position game...Has steady nerves and won't succumb to pressure...Is versatile and can also punt in a pinch.

Simply misses too many kicks...Accuracy is shaky, even on the short ones...Has had some kicks blocked...Is not the type that you want as your punter for long stretches...Didn't get many opportunities in college and wasn't overly productive.

Kicked a 62-yard field goal in the Wildcats 2006 Spring Game...Participated in the Senior Bowl...Recipient of a number of academic honors...Has potential as a field goal kicker but his real value at the pro level will likely come as a kickoff specialist.

A few thoughts so far:

The Isaiah Stanback pick was a bit of a surprise to me, but I should’ve seen it coming. I knew Dallas had brought him in for a workout but I didn’t do enough research on the kid. He’s a fantastic athlete. He’s got a big body and he’s very fast, and has played WR and special teams before he was a QB. I’m not usually high on slash-type picks, but this kid looks like he could be a gem. If he can find a position, and that’s probably WR, he could develop into a player. Why? Because he’s got all the physical tools you need. Usually slashes are small or they are more runners than throwers, or are stunted by wanting to be a QB only, and grudgingly playing the other positions. If the kid is ready to take on a different role, with his physical gifts and his intelligence, he could be the kind of 2nd day gem you rave about later. But, and there’s always a but, he did have a serious foot injury that cut short his season, and it’s the dreaded Lisfranc injury. That has ruined some player’s careers. You have to trust that the Dallas medical staff checked him out and thought it wasn’t an issue.

Basically it’s a risky pick, but it could have a very nice payoff.

Picking Doug Free represented excellent value. He’s a 1st day talent that slipped into the 2nd day. Pair that up with James Marten and the Cowboys are fortifying themselves at tackle. Flozell Adams might be playing his final season in Dallas. And hopefully this will also allow us to keep Leonard Davis at guard. The Cowboys were smart to stock up here with some good talent if they’ve decided that they probably won’t be giving Adams a big contract after the year. And Colombo is only signed for two years, and he needs to repeat his good work from this year to really become established. Pat McQuistan might be in a fight for his roster spot. McQ is a fan favorite and the 7th round pick from last year was also a favorite of Bill Parcells. Now, he’s just another guy in the tackle mix.

Looking forward, I still want a CB. I guess Stanback is the WR prospect, so that may be off the list unless they find big value. They need someone to return punts, unless they are going to try and teach that to Stanback. We could certainly use a NT. I would like to see another LB that could get busy on special teams.

Open thread – so what’s your game plan for the rest of the draft?

Cowboys draft:
Round 1: #26 – Anthony Spencer – DE – Purdue
Round 3: #67 – James Marten – OT – Boston College
Round 4: #103 – Isaiah Stanback – QB/WR – Washington
Round 4: #122 – Doug Free – OT – Northern Illinois
Round 6: #178 - Nick Folk - K - Arizona  
Round 6: #195 - Deon Anderson - FB - Connecticut  
Round 7: #212 - Courtney Brown - CB - Cal Poly  
Round 7: #237 - Alan Ball - CB - Illinois

Plus: A first round pick in 2008. Woo hoo!

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