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Meeting DeMarcus Ware

Our very own BTB regular - silverblue5 - sent me the following account of him and his nephew meeting DeMarcus Ware at a recent autograph session.

Silverblue5’s article:

About eight days ago, I was listening to one of our local sports radio stations, and I heard that Ware was gonna be at an establishment called "Bond's Sports, Crafts, and Gifts" in Newport News, Virginia on Saturday, March 31st from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m.  They left stated a phone number over the air, and I about hit another car trying to pull into a parking lot to write it down.

For about three days leading up to the event, I kept trying to call and there would either be no answer or it would be busy.  When I checked the radio station's web site, did google searches, and called two area newspapers... it turned up nothing.

Finally -- right before leaving work on Friday -- I called and talked to the owner for about 15 minutes.  The man was real cool, and he gave me directions on how to get there.  

I'm a member of, perhaps the largest worldwide site for Dallas Cowboys fans, and I wanted to interview DeMarcus at the event.  The owner said that if I got there early -- and he and Ware got there before the start of the festivities -- I could have some time to ask him a few questions.

Well, I fulfilled my end of the bargain, but the owner and DeMarcus got there late.  No big.  I brought my Dallas Cowboys "achievements" football, my digital camera, and my two nephews -- Ryan (14) and Carlos (11).  While there, I bought them different 8 x 10 pics of Ware in action -- one vs the 49ers and one vs the Eagles.  Bond's sold them for only $5 each.

Even though we got there at 12 noon, we had a great time looking around and waiting in line.  The community of Cowboys fans talking about the past, present, and future of our Beloved Team was cool.  A friend of mine was also there, and he brought an authentic D-Ware jersey, an authentic Dallas helmet, the same football that I had, and a mini helmet -- all for DeMarcus to sign.  His poor son was hilarious.  He had a few sarcastic quotes like, "I guess the reason you brought me was to hold all this stuff, huh Dad?"

When the man of the hour finally came in -- right at 2:00 -- he came in to shouts of "D-Ware" along with some hootin' and hollerin'!!!  He sported a plain white t-shirt and when he got behind a table, someone gave him his NFC Pro Bowl jersey to put on for the event.

We were like 12th in line.

After he autographed my white and brown Dallas Cowboys accomplishments football, I got a picture taken with him and asked him if he was excited about the Phillips 3-4, which is an aggressive style of defense that new head coach Wade Phillips planned to implement for the upcoming season.  Ware paused, looked me right in the eye, gave a very bright smile and said, "oh yeah!"

Now, Ryan loves the Atlanta Falcons and is a big Michael Vick fan.  He asked Ware what was going through his mind when #94 intercepted a pass against Vick and ran it all the way for a touchdown.  Again, DeMarcus smiled, looked my nephew in the eye and answered "I got very excited!"  Then, he signed the pic for Ryan and thanked him for coming.  

Finally, when it was Carlos' turn to get his picture signed, Ware stopped and started talking to him for like two minutes... before even signing the 8 x 10.  Then, while autographing his pic sacking Quarterback Donovan McNabb of the Philadelphia Eagles (in Philly), my nephew asked what he was thinking at the time of the picture.  DeMarcus answered, "I thought, this feels good.  The Eagles talk a lot of trash and it just got me going!"

I was very impressed with how D-Ware was patient and personable with everyone... especially the kids.  There was a younger couple with their 2-year-old daughter, who took pics with him.  And when Ware tried to give her back to her parents, she wouldn't go back to them at first.  She really took to the big man.  And speaking of his size and stature, did I mention that he's like 6-4, 257 lbs, and it's all rock-chiseled muscle.  I shook his hand twice and both times my right hand got lost in his solid mitt.

My nephews aren't even Cowboys fans (Ryan loves the Falcons fan and Carlos roots for the Steelers, but after Saturday, they love them some DeMarcus Ware... and they kept on saying how much they'll never forget that day!

Heck, I feel like a kid again... and I'm still kind of elated over gettin' the chance to meet the man.  I guess it's safe to say that DeMarcus Ware is now my favorite player on the Dallas Cowboys.

silverblue5 and DeMarcus Ware

silverblue5's nephew and DeMarcus Ware

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