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Character counts; except when it doesn't

I was reading the latest article from Tom Orsborn over at the San Antonio Express-News. It's about how the Cowboys are now drafting with a lot of emphasis on the character of a player. Jeff Ireland comments on it.

"What the commissioner is planning at the moment, we’ve been implementing for awhile," Cowboys scouting director Jeff Ireland told the Star-Telegram. "Character issues are one of the things (former coach) Bill (Parcells) and I really saw eye to eye on. I’m a big proponent of a heavy emphasis being placed on character, be it the draft or free agency."

Ireland suggested Wade Phillips would follow Parcells’ lead and insist the team avoid thugs.

"Personally, I don’t plan on changing anything when it comes to character," Ireland told the Star-Telegram. "The worst drafting mistakes a team makes usually involve character. Risky players like that are also undependable players on the field."

OK, fair enough. I think this is a pretty good idea. Orsborn dedicates the rest of the article to discussing Brandon Meriweather and how he has all the skills the Cowboys desire but has baggage. Mainly, him being caught on tape stomping a FIU player during the famous brawl. Also, there was a gun incident before his senior year. Nothing wrong with questioning the character of Meriweather, but then in the Q&A section of the article, Orsborn says this in response to a question.

Q: One area of need that hasn’t been addressed is backup nose tackle. Is there anyone left in free agency to fill this spot? What about the draft?

Orsborn: There are some free agent nose tackles still available, but because they haven't made a move yet, I think the Cowboys would look to the draft to fill this need. Among the first-day prospects at nose tackle are North Carolina State's Tank Tyler (6 foot 2, 306 pounds) and Utah's Paul Soliai (6-4, 344).

Tank Tyler? How can Orsborn mention Tyler without mentioning this:

There are some significant concerns regarding his character and work ethic. He was arrested in 2005 for assaulting a police officer in a Raleigh, NC nightclub and he was ejected from the Southern Miss game in 2006 for "spitting".

I'm just saying.

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