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Here’s what I got so far on the Cowboys UDFA’s, if you have any other signings let me know. Click on the names to get a scouting report.

Hat tip to OShea for starting the list in a diary.

Jackie Battle – FB - Houston (6-2, 235)

Alonzo Coleman – RB – Hampton (5-10, 207)

Ola Dagunduro –NT – Nebraska (6-2, 310)

Mike Jefferson – WR - Montana State (6-2, 195)

Steve Rissler – C - Florida (6-3, 305)

Robert Turner – OL - New Mexico (6-4, 313)

Jerard Rabb – WR - Boise State (6-3, 201)

Matt Moore - QB - Oregon State (6-3, 192)

Blair Phillips - LB - Oregon (6-1, 243) hat tip Philosopher


Rodney Hannah – TE – Houston (6-6, 245) Hat tip Houston Chronicle

Big Hat Tip to silverblue5, who won the Burt D Draft Challenge by getting two picks right yesterday. I participated in the challenge and guessed a grand total of one player out of a list of 15 that got drafted. Since silverblue5 won the challenge, he can send me a short write-up of the magic formula for winning the challenge or thoughts on the draft and I’ll post them on the front page.
Congrats silverblue5!