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Cowboys on the clock

Hey, the Cowboys are on the clock in the SB Nation mock draft. You can see the list so far over at Field Gulls, our Seahawks blog. There was a run on CB’s as Leon Hall and Darrelle Revis went off the board at #17 and #18, then WR Robert Meachem went at #19. I’m leaning towards Aaron Ross, but am open to suggestions. Hurry up, because I need to pick soon.

Patrick Crayton signed his tender and is now a Cowboy for another year.

Restricted free agent Patrick Crayton re-signed with the Dallas Cowboys to remain the No. 3 receiver behind Terrell Owens and Terry Glenn.

The Cowboys offered Crayton a one-year, $1.3 million tender to remain with the team. The signing was announced Thursday.

This is welcomed, if not unexpected. Since no team came sniffing around during free agency, it was a foregone conclusion that Crayton would re-sign. But it’s an important move for the Cowboys, Crayton is one of the better 3rd receivers in the league and may some day be a solid #2 guy.

Hat tip to silverblue5 for posting the news in the comments.

Lenny P. wrote an article about the newest trends in NFL defenses, talking about changes in the secondary and the move away from the Tampa 2 defense. But right in the middle of the article, he drops this Wade Phillips quote on us.  

"It's just the natural order of things," Dallas coach Wade Phillips said at the NFL owners meetings last week. "Things change. Twenty-five or 30 years ago, the 3-4 was the defense that was most popular around the league. Then people got away from it. Now you're seeing it more and more again. It's making a little bit of a comeback. But then something else will get hot and everyone will jump to that."

Man, I sure don’t remember when the 3-4 was the dominant defense in the league. How about you guys, can someone help me out here?

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