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More weight room analysis

Nick Eatman completes his series on offseason workouts and what certain players need to do according to Joe Juraszek.

Roy Williams:
Juraszek: We want to get him leaned up. We want him to get him where his ability to move back there and do the things that they want him to do as a safety. But the problem comes in is that Roy is so physically gifted, that we have to limit his leg work. He's so thick and strong in his legs. It's that old saying, 'What makes you strong, makes you weak.' His thick, strong hips and legs make him powerful, but they can also be a hindrance at a point in time. We have to be smart how we train Roy's hips and legs so he can still move like an athlete back there.

So true. I’ve been complaining about Roy’s inability to get his hips turned in coverage once he realizes the pattern is going deep. Anything Juraszek can do to remedy that problem will be a huge benefit to Roy and the Cowboys.

Tyson Thompson:
Juraszek: What we're trying to do with Tyson is get him strong and flexible and believe or not, trying to get a little mobility in his hips and his legs. He's such a straight-line guy, we're trying to get him to swivel his hips a little more. If you see Tyson run, he's just . . . Wham! But there are some drills in place to maybe get that done.

Again, this is right on. Here’s what I wrote in my RB preview about Tyson:

When running in a straight line he can be very effective. The problem seems to be with his ability to make defenders miss; the innate ability in most backs that allows them to see the defense and to cut accordingly.

Tom Orsborn takes a look at the need to get a backup NT for Jason Ferguson. I don’t think we can go into the season with Montavious Stanley as the main backup. And Jay Ratliff should be at DE. Here are a couple of late round possibilities.

California’s Brandon Mebane (6-1, 309) and Florida’s Marcus Thomas (6-3, 314) might be better fits considering they have impressive motors. Both could fall to the second day of the draft.

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