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Phillips talks minicamp

Nick Eatman has a good article up about minicamp where he talks to Coach Phillips. Wade reveals some of what he hopes to accomplish in minicamp, how he has evaluated players so far, and some comments on specific players. Go read the whole article.

On Greg Ellis and his recent complaints:

"I think he is going to have a great year for us and I am looking forward to that," Phillips said. "That was the extent of our conversation. I assured him of that. We are trying to get the best players we can get. But I told Greg (drafting Spencer) didn't have anything to do with him coming off injury. We expect him to be back. We expect him to have a great year."

Pat McQuistan has been moved to guard for now:

"Yeah, we moved him to guard," Phillips said. "But I don't want to get into all of that because we may move guys around. We're going to look again and see where we think they can best help us and see how they do at whatever position. Where they start out certainly isn't where you can end at, if you show what you can do."

On Tony Romo:

"I had heard from different coaches even previous to last year that they thought they had a guy who was going to be a good player . . . it was Tony Romo," Phillips said. "Well first, seeing him in the Pro Bowl . . . that flurry he put on at the end was pretty impressive. And then watching him on tape, I am pretty impressed. He is here studying, working on his craft, that kind of thing. He is the right kind of guy. He has good leadership qualities and all those things."

He also noted that Terrell Owens will be in attendance but won’t be able to catch footballs yet.

Bucky Brooks over wades in the great running back debate, and seems to come down on the side of MB3.

Should Marion Barber replace Julius Jones as the feature back?

Barber's tough, physical running style makes him an ideal runner in the Cowboys' power offense and he should be better than Jones over the course of a 16-game season. After rushing for over 90 or more yards in five of the first seven contests, Jones only rushed for over 100 yards once and failed to gain over 75 yards in the remaining contests. His declining production over the course of the season is a concern and one of the reasons why changing their roles makes the most sense

Mickey talks kickers. And to answer BTB-regular Dunkman’s burning question, I will post the fifth part of my Ranking the Roster series later today that will focus on the specialists.

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