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T.O. interview no surprise has a transcript up of Terrell Owens’ recent conversation with the Dallas media. As usual, the ESPN sprawl of sports shows couldn’t help but talk about the Cowboys and the Parcells bashing that’s been going on recently. I can’t really blame them, the Cowboys players gave them plenty of ammunition, and let’s face it, the Cowboys using Parcells as a piñata is more interesting that most NFL stories at the moment. But the way they promote the segments and the lead-ins are hilarious. Cue breathless announcer: "Next, you can’t leave your TV set because you won’t believe what T.O. said about the Tuna. We’ll discuss that next!" Snooze. Zzzzzzz. I was actually under-whelmed by T.O.’s shot at Parcells. He could’ve given him the Jeff Garcia treatment or something similar, but he actually said nothing. As in, I learned nothing from Parcells. Did anyone actually expect something different? This was news to whom? I mean, I’m sure it wasn’t news to any of us.

But this little snippet was something that was sort of newsworthy from the Owens’ interview.

What's different about the actual offensive system?

OWENS: Obviously it's a numbers system, which is a little bit more simple than a lot of memorization. There's not a lot of guess-work trying to memorize what this guy does, or what route compliments the other routes, so it's going to be wide open. I think with the flexibility we have with the tight end position and the receiver position, and with Patrick (Crayton) who can move around a little bit, it's just gonna make this offense a little bit more explosive. Anything is possible. Jason's going to try to utilize the weapons that we have and as a receiver that's what you want.

I read another piece on this same subject, and I would link to it but I can’t find it right now. Basically, the idea is that this system is easier to use and it’s easier to audible routes from the line and it gives Jason Garrett more flexibility in play-calling. I wonder how much leeway they will give Romo during the season to change the calls?

We signed a QB, but it sounds temporary.

Former SMU quarterback Richard Bartel has been signed, which was expected. He attended the Cowboys' mini-camp on a tryout basis, but did not appear to get many (if any) snaps in seven-on-seven and team drills over the five practices.

With undrafted free agent Matt Moore out until the middle of June because his school, Oregon State, has a late graduation date, the Cowboys wanted to have a fourth quarterback at their OTAs and the next mini-camp.

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