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Cowboys happy, but must produce

Everybody is picking up on the same theme about the Cowboys. Lots of players blaming the old coach, the old system, the old whatever, and are thrilled about the new coach. But, it all means nothing if you don’t go out and win. Adam Schein writes about it in this article.

Cowboys linebacker Bradie James summed it up with a simple phrase.

"It's the Wade Phillips renaissance."

Ah yes. There certainly has been an awakening and a rebirth of sorts in Dallas. Players are giddy. Smiles are omnipresent. Heck, even Terrell Owens showed up at mini-camp over the weekend. We cannot confirm or deny that he was there to lead a chorus of Kumbaya.

Now go out and win.

Win the NFC East. Win a playoff game. Make a legit march to the Super Bowl.

The 2007 Dallas Cowboys can do all of the above. But this happy off-season chatter won't mean much if the Cowboys don't put it all together.

Some players have definitely set themselves up to either produce this season, or admit they aren’t as good as they think they are. That especially applies to Marcus Spears and Julius Jones. In truth, I’m hoping they do have breakout years, let them prove to the world that Bill Parcells was part of the problem. But if they don’t have that kind of year, then own up to it.

More along the same theme from Michael Silver at, but they attack from the angle of everybody’s giddy when they get a new coach and a new scheme, but it’s only minicamp. Let’s hear what they say once the season is rolling along. Even the tempestuous one Terrell Owens is happy.

"Everybody knows he's a laid-back coach, obviously a little different than Bill," Owens told reporters. "I don't think you have to be a disciplinarian to get your point across. I think having a new head coach is good for everybody. It's just a little bit more relaxed. I think you can tell that by the atmosphere in the locker room. I don't think I just have to really spell it out for you, but I think it's very evident." had the same reaction to T.O.’s mild shots at Bill Parcells as I did.

Surprised? Sure you aren't. Owens's comments, though passing as news, were totally predictable...

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