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Romo makes good on hold

There’s a glut of Tony Romo articles out because of his appearance at some country music awards show with the lovely and talented Ms. Carrie Underwood. But in true athlete-style, his teammates were only interested in one thing.

The moment all his teammates wanted to talk about was Underwood giving Romo her purse when she accepted an award.

"You have to help out when you can," Romo said with a smile.

"I am just a secondary protocol there. I am there to do a job and it was to hold the purse. Anytime you do stuff like that you are going to take a ribbing. It goes with the job."

Word is that Romo held her purse without bobbling it, leading to a successful award presentation. With the successful hold, Romo can now put the Bobble in Seattle behind him. From the pictures though, we can see that Underwood puts Romo behind her!

Hat tip to jbratch for first posting the Romo/Underwood pic in this diary.

A blurb on the Cowboys future from

Wade Phillips, Cowboys: Jerry Jones' experiment with a big-name coach didn't result in a Super Bowl, so the Dallas owner is back to a guy who won't get in his way. Phillips isn't bad, but he won't bring back the Jimmy Johnson glory days. Predicted Record: 9-7

The NFL is thinking about shortening the time in between draft picks.

The owners will meet in Nashville on Tuesday to award the 2011 Super Bowl, and also will talk about decreasing the 15 minutes allowed for each first-round draft choice. In the second round, teams are allowed 10 minutes and that also could be diminished.

The DMN follows up on the Greg Ellis story, but doesn’t add that much that is new.

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