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Staubach making another play for the Cowboys

The great one, Roger the Dodger, Captain America, Captain Comeback, the man who coined the term Hail Mary in football, is going to make the pitch for a Super Bowl at the new stadium.

[Roger] Staubach, who quarterbacked the Cowboys to victories in Super Bowls VI and XII, is the chairman of the North Texas Super Bowl XLV Bid Committee. He will make a 15-minute presentation to NFL owners in Nashville on Tuesday in hopes of landing the 2011 Super Bowl for the Cowboys’ new $1 billion stadium in Arlington.

"I’m 2-2 in Super Bowls [as a starter]; I want to be 3-2," Staubach said in a conference call Wednesday. "... I’ve had a Super Bowl history that I’m going to try to bring out in my remarks. It’s been a very instrumental part of my life as far as what it’s meant to me."

The national press is always good for a laugh when they talk about the Cowboys. Take this example from FOX Sports, where they rank the each team's offseason.

9. Dallas Cowboys
There's a new regime in Dallas, as the Wade Phillips era starts in 2007. Whether this is a positive or a negative is yet to be seen. At the very least, there's new blood in the locker room. Roster-wise, the Cowboys picked up a lot of new talent in the off-season. Ken Hamlin will join Roy Williams for a pretty lethal starting safety combo, and offensive tackle Leonard Davis — a former top pick of the Arizona Cardinals — comes to Dallas with a lot to prove. Brad Johnson joins the Cowboys as a reliable backup quarterback who will help guide Tony Romo's growth as well. In the draft, Dallas scooped up the guy they wanted all along in Anthony Spencer, while picking up the Browns 2008 first round pick in the process. Cowboys fans chanted "Jerry Jones! Jerry Jones! Jerry Jones!" after the Brady Quinn trade. The Dallas faithful has reason to be happy.

OK, that’s all good. Pretty good surface-level look at the Cowboys this offseason, although he failed to mention Davis is moving to guard. So where’s the laugh?

Biggest gain: Leonard Davis, OL
Biggest loss: Jason Fabini, OL

Jason Friggin’ Fabini? Our biggest loss? How can he be a loss if he was never a gain? He did nothing in his time here. I would say Al Singleton is a bigger loss, at least he played regularly. And Ryan Fowler played on goal line defense and was excellent on special teams. But Jason Fabini?

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