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Julius on Parcells: "He had me running like a robot"

Julius Jones and Akin Ayodele are going to be on a show called Ballers on BET this Friday (May 4th) at 10 pm EST. In the press release to announce the show, BET included this remark from Julius Jones’ portion of the show.

Jones on his relationship with former coach Bill Parcells:

" ... Coach Parcells my first year, he (Parcells) kind of let me do what I wanted to do, second year and last year he kind of coached me too much, ... . You know, you can’t really mess with a running back out there. You can tell them where to go and where the hole is gonna be ... ... He had me running like a robot. No disrespect to coach Parcells but, you can’t really tell a running back where to run or he’s gonna be out there looking like a robot. That’s what I was doing last year."

There you have it. I’ve heard JJ make comments like this before but this one pretty much sums up his feelings. He now joins Marcus Spears as the 2nd Cowboy to explicitly blame Parcells for some of their issues on the field. You two guys better make good under Wade Phillips, or else explanations turn to excuses.

This quote also reminded me about a clip of Parcells, I believe it was from this year’s training camp. Parcells is seen standing behind the offensive huddle during training camp and he turns to talk to Jason Fabini. I will paraphrase what happened next.

Parcells (to Jason Fabini): "Hey J, did you see that? He’s my compu-back. I just send in the play..." (here Parcells mimes typing in a play on a computer keyboard, while calling out the formation and play. He even makes the click-clack noise of a keyboard being struck while typing. When done, he addresses Fabini again.) "Then compu-back goes..." (Parcells mimes being a robot running back and makes sounds effects.)

That’s not the exact wording of the clip, but it’s close. I think Parcells was attempting to equate the running back with a video game running back; you just put in the play and watch him go. He was trying to phrase it as a compliment, kind of like a robotic running back that can’t be stopped. But the Julius Jones’ comments made me think immediately of that Parcells clip. Maybe Julius is right, maybe Parcells was coaching JJ to be a "compu-back" instead of a free-wheeling running back. Either way, Julius shouldn’t have that problem this year. Unless Wade Phillips wants a compu-back, too.

Nick Eatman discusses the UDFA’s and says we might be signing more.

The Cowboys have already signed or agreed to terms with more than a dozen players since the end of the draft and could get as many 15 or 16 for the start of the first mini-camp here at Valley Ranch, May 12-14.

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