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Spears, Canty know they need to play better

Mac Engel drops a fresh article on the Cowboys two defensive ends and the need for them to step up their play this season. This time around, Spears recognizes his own failings – as does Canty - and fails to even mention a certain ex-coach who is nicknamed after a fish. Spears has the extra-burden of being a first round selection.

"It's not expectations, it's a level of responsibility," Spears said of being a first-round selection. "You have a responsibility to help the team get better and do certain things. Sometimes it works out quick, sometimes it works out later, and sometimes it doesn't work out at all. Hopefully, I'm turning the corner."

Spears also acknowledges that his lack of consistency is a problem.

"When you play well one week and come back the next week and stink it up, you are trying to find a common ground to figure out what's going on," Spears said. "Nobody needs to point a finger; I'm the guy on the field."

But point a finger our ex-coach did, pointed right at Spears and Canty during mid-season.

"I know it's hard to say this because of what happened to us at the end of last season, but I think I played my best football of the year then," Canty said. "It was a learning experience, and I want it to carry over to this season."

I agree and stated as much in the film reviews and other articles I posted at the end of the season. When Parcells called out Spears and Canty toward the end of the year, Canty responded with much better play down the stretch. Some of his best since he’s been here.

Over at FOX Sports, they’re ranking players according to their value for fantasy football. In the WR department, our very own Terrell Owens comes in fourth.

4. Terrell Owens, Dallas Cowboys
Say what you will. Owens produces in-between the white lines. Yes, a reduction in the number of dropped balls would be nice, as Dallas fans would argue most vehemently, but it's hard to argue with 85 receptions, 1,180 receiving yards and 13 scores (five of which came in fantasy playoffs season).

Owens came to life following the promotion of Tony Romo, averaging 5.7 receptions and 80.5 receiving yards in Romo's starts. Of course, he also caught nine of his 13 touchdowns from Romo as well. With that great stretch at the end of the season, Owens has caught 13 or more touchdowns in six of his last nine NFL seasons.

Rick Gosselin says it’s Dallas vs. Indy in the battle for the 2011 Super Bowl. Big–market vs. small-market.  

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