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Stories not about Super Bowl XLV

OK, it looks like we’ve finally gotten past the Super Bowl news, and are returning to actual player news that means something for this year, instead of five years down the road. First up, one of my favorite subjects, the fullback. Mickey Spags has put together a very nice article about our 6th-round pick at FB, Deon Anderson. Do yourself a favor and read it all. This kid made some bad decisions - but was smart enough, and strong-willed enough, to clean them up before they derailed his career. You’ve got to admire him for what he has accomplished so far. He had some brushes with the law and bad grades, so he lost his scholarship and was out of school. He worked at some jobs, and then decided he wanted to finish what he started. So he went back to school. One problem, he had little money and no place to live. Mickey takes it from there.

So he concocted this plan. He moved all his earthly belongings, basically clothes and what not, into a friend's broken down car parked on campus. That car wasn't going anywhere, thus a rent-free pod of sorts.

And he remembered the old locker room in the facilities building, and how guys who had to show up for 6 a.m. punishment runs would shower in there afterward. He recalled there was a lounge area, complete with a couch. And he knew the way in, but also that the place was so old you worried about attracting a staph infection.

But hey, free board if willing.

Yep, Anderson would sleep on the couch, wake up every morning at 5:50 "before the cleaning crew came in" and acted as if he had been in there early for a workout so no one would suspect a thing. He'd grab a shower, hang in there until around 7, then go grab some breakfast. After that, he'd bide his time in the library until his first class.

This would be his routine, and to be repeated daily, each day ending with a trip to the dilapidated car to pick up some fresh clothes for the next day and then squeeze into the old locker room for the night.

Eventually, he got a place to live, got back on the football team, and ended up being voted the team’s MVP. I don’t know how he’ll work out in Dallas, but I can tell you one thing, I wouldn’t bet against this kid making it.

Hat tip to Burt D for the link.

Over at the DFW S-T, we learn that Kevin Burnett got the call from Wade Phillips to replace Akin Ayodele as he recovers from knee surgery.

Cowboys backup linebacker Kevin Burnett worked with the first team during Thursday’s practice at Valley Ranch.

Burnett, a second-round pick in 2005, worked at inside linebacker in place of Akin Ayodele, who was out because of minor knee surgery.

I thought this was how it would work out. I was guessing that Burnett would be the primary backup for Ayodele and Bobby Carpenter for Bradie James. Last year, Burnett replaced Ayodele often in the nickel defense.

Over at, they have an article on Leonard Davis. I can tell you one thing; I can’t wait to get to training camp and see just how big Bigg really is. Our offensive line is going to be a load. With guys this size, the power running game should be fun to watch. So check it out and read about how Davis is happy to be with the Cowboys because he thinks this team can win (unlike his former team.) But the thing I liked best in the article was not even about Leonard Davis. It was this.

And that's what this week's voluntary OTA (organized team activity) practices are all about. All of the team's 85 players have attended this week, with nearly all of them participating in all four practices of the week.

Yes, 100% attendance is always a good thing.

And finally, QB Matt Baker gets some ink. I don’t know why, but he does.

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