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Cowboys news and notes

Since it’s a holiday weekend, there won’t be much news to cover, so expect my postings to be lighter than usual.

But if you need a Cowboys’ fix this Saturday, here are few items to read.

The SA E-N takes a look at the offensive line and discovers that the Cowboys think they have better depth this year than in recent seasons.

OL coach Tony Sparano also likes what he sees so far from Flozell Adams.

"The pressure has always been on Flo for whatever the reason," Sparano said. "I understand he’s the left tackle (a much-scrutinized position), but this guy is a pretty good player. When you look at left tackles in this league, you have to say this guy is in the top 25, top 15 percent."

When healthy and motivated, Flozell can be a pretty good left tackle. Unfortunately, we don’t always get that Flozell.

The Sporting News ranked the best linebacker units in the NFC. The Cowboys show up high in the mix as the #3 unit behind the Bears and the Seahwaks.

3. Cowboys. DeMarcus Ware is a star on the right side. Akin Ayodele and Bradie James make few mental mistakes on the inside. Greg Ellis probably will start on the left side while Anthony Spencer transitions into a starter.

Even better, when ranking the top five linebackers in the NFC, DeMarcus Ware comes in right behind Brian Urlacher at #2.

2. DeMarcus Ware, Cowboys. He is emerging as one of the top young defensive stars in the game, and his best football is still in front of him.

Mickey Spags answers a lot of email questions about the Cowboys successful Super Bowl bid for 2011.

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