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It’s Jerry’s world, and we just live in it.

JJT focuses on the long arc of Jerry Jones’ NFL career, from the laughter and derision heaped on him when he first bought the Cowboys, through the dynasty of the 90’s, and finally culminating with his new stadium and successful Super Bowl bid.

And in return for his risk, Jones has won three NFL championships and made his once debt-ridden franchise worth a little more than a billion dollars, according to Forbes' 2006 rankings. No doubt that figure will increase exponentially when the club's new stadium is completed.

These days, Jones is among the most respected owners in professional sports. The NFL doesn't make any major decision without the input of the man it once mocked.

Meanwhile, Randy Galloway looks at the Super Bowl bid and the new stadium to paint a picture of the Cowboys’ owner.

Jerry, of course, has ownership enemies. He is considered the leader of the highest-revenue teams in the league, which numbers about five or six. Most all other teams are ranked mid-market. Some are also considered cheap. There is a constant owners' war over the "haves" gifting the others with handouts.

The vote was Tuesday in Nashville. But starting the day before "was as nervous a time as any Super Bowl we've played in," said one member of the local delegation.

Once in Nashville, Jones and son Stephen constantly "worked the room," attempting to politic every owner. It's safe to say Jerry was calling in some old markers. Jones also gathered his staffers Monday night for a straw poll, going through every team and attempting to guess how it would vote. Twice that poll came out 17-15, which was right on the money.

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