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The Life of Romo

Hey everybody, welcome back! I hope you guys had a nice holiday weekend but it’s time to get back to serious stuff. And what could be more serious than Tony Romo judging the Miss Universe 2007 pageant. We don’t need no stinkin’ OTA’s or minicamps, all we need is Tony Romo’s social calendar to keep us entertained. This guy is turning into a walking tabloid.

So over at the Miss Universe pageant, Romo could scout a potential replacement for Carrie Underwood when their inevitable breakup occurs. Perhaps Romo can cozy up to Miss USA, who had a Romo-like moment in the spotlight. Romo bobbled the all-important snap for the game-winning FG. Miss USA, in her moment to shine, battled a force that is known to us all - gravity - and another force only known to a certain part of the population, high-heels. Check out the evidence.

Hey, she still made the top-5, so not all was lost. Miss Japan took home the crown. But while Romo was out playing footsie with beautiful women from around the world, there are rumors that he may be already recycling celebrity girlfriends. From E! Online:

I’m hearing certain high-up {Jessica} Simpson campers are trying to play matchmaker for the newly single Jess yet again...with none other than Tony Romo, QB for the Dallas Cowboys and supposed boy-toy to one C. Underwood.


And, I'm told, round two is going down soon. "Tony invited {Jessica} to Dallas, and she’s going," swears my insider. "Of course, he doesn’t want Carrie to find out."

Ha! Like anything Romo does in the romance department is going to remain a secret. Romo has crossed-over into the rarified air where people will report anything and everything about him – including me!

Yesterday, I posted the quote about Keyshawn calling Romo the most over-hyped guy in the NFL. Jen Floyd Engel says Jerry’s  to blame.

I want to get on record here that not taking Quinn was a mistake and not because I do not think Romo is capable of being the guy. Why I hated the decision was because their reasoning was faulty. You do not pass on a QB you thought was the eighth-best player in the draft at No. 22 because you are afraid it will hurt the feelings of a QB who you think is going to be really good.

And guess who is the biggest perpetrator in this underthinking, overhyping mess?

Owner Jones, of course.

The Life of Romo, you can only dream about living it!

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