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Greg Ellis is not a happy camper...again

Oh boy, it sounds like last year all over again. Greg Ellis is not happy that the Cowboys selected Anthony Spencer and is making his opinion known. Last year the Cowboys moved Ellis from DE to OLB, which caused a minor uproar from Ellis until he found out he could do the job. Now, he’s got a new issue.

"Who wouldn't be frustrated?" asked Ellis, 32. "I'm keeping my cool and my composure. But it's hard not to be frustrated when they constantly move you around, and thank God you are able to play [a new position, linebacker]. Now, they do it to you again."

Ellis said he is not at the point of requesting a trade, a release or an extension. He wants to talk to coach Wade Phillips, and owner/general manager Jerry Jones before he makes a decision about his future. He hopes to do it before the start of the first minicamp May 12.

Ellis is probably picking a fight at the wrong time. He’s 32 and coming off a major injury that may or may not be fully healed by the time training camp and the season open. He’s got to understand the Cowboys need to protect themselves in case Ellis isn’t able to play up to his former abilities. Besides, it should be Bobby Carpenter who’s complaining. He’s a #1 pick who didn’t play much last year, and now he sees another #1 pick used at his position. At least Ellis had a long career; Carpenter can’t seem to get his going.

But there is one thing Ellis and the Cowboys agree on:

"Jerry is exactly correct: [Quinn] would have been a steal, and it shows how much confidence they have in Romo," said Ellis, who added that his recovery from a torn Achilles' tendon suffered in November is on schedule.

But that agreement quickly breaks down:

"Then you get to me, and they draft a guy for my position. It's there in your face."

It’s in your face, Greg. What do you want the Cowboys to do? You’re getting up there in NFL years and you’re coming off a major injury. Why wouldn’t the Cowboys be concerned and protect themselves?

Last year, I kind of wrote off Ellis’ complaints as him just sounding off because he was being asked to do something he’d never done. Now that he’s doing it again for a second consecutive offseason, I’m starting to wonder how long Dallas will put up with a disgruntled Ellis. He better be recovered and ready to contribute, because no one wants an injured complainer hanging around on the roster.

One final word from Ellis:

"When a guy is taken in the first round, that guy is asked to contribute early and be the starter," Ellis said. "That's what happened when I got drafted. I took [Kavika Pittman's] spot and they released him."

Time marches on, Greg, time marches on.

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