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Cowboys report cards

Mickey Spags discusses the inner-workings of grading a draft. Then, at the end of the article, you get a sampling of draft grades and an overall consensus draft grade for the Cowboys based on the GPA formula.

So we have decided to give you a sampling of what other news outlets thought of the Cowboys draft, along with ours, and if you want, go ahead and factor in your grade into the consensus GPA. And for continuity purposes, let's grade on a four-point scale, where an A is worth four points, a B three points, a C two points, a D one point and an F absolutely nothing. And if you want to deal in pluses and minuses, then make the plus worth .4 points and the minus worth .2, thus a C-plus is worth 2.4 points and a B-minus worth 2.8 as example.


Consensus  C+/B-  2.6

I’m hurt. Mickey didn’t deem BTB worthy of inclusion in the news outlets in his sampling. Mick, help a brother out, I’m not feeling the love. By the way, the consensus GPA was 2.6, and based on their formula, my grade given on Sunday night of B-minus equals 2.8, almost exactly the consensus. C’mon Mick, give me the coveted hat tip.

And yes, I know you really can't grade a draft until three years later, but so what, we all read them and as a Cowboys website, I feel obliged to provide one.

One kicker in, one kicker out.

Having drafted Nick Folk in the sixth round, the Cowboys did not need a third kicker. So they waived Carlos Martinez on Wednesday, leaving the kicker battle between Martin Gramatica and Folk.

Martinez, who kicked for the Dallas Desperados from 2004-06, was signed to the Cowboys' practice squad as insurance when Martin Gramatica replaced Mike Vanderjagt.

Hat tip to Long Ball who provided the following list of currently signed UDFA’s.

Position School Ht. – Wt. 40-time
Matt Moore – QB Oregon State 6’3" – 192 4.92
Steve Rissler -C Florida 6’3" – 306 5.32
Blair Phillips – LB Oregon 6’2" – 246 4.84
Jerard Rabb – WR Boise State 6’2" – 201 4.60
Alonzo Coleman – RB Hampton 5’10"–207 4.36
Jackie Battle – FB Houston 6’2" – 235 4.42
Ola Dagunduro – NT Nebraska 6’2" – 310 5.05
Mike Jefferson – WR Montana State 6’2" – 195 4.59
Robert Turner – OL New Mexico 6’4" – 313 5.68
Rodney Hannah – TE Houston 6’6" – 245 4.85
Jasper Johnson – S Central Arkansas 6’1" – 211 4.56
Dedrick Harrington – LB Missouri 6’4" – 245 4.75
Alex Obomese – LB UTEP 6’3" - 230 x
Sam Paulescu – P Oregon State 6’0" - 194 x
Marcus Smith – DE/OLB Arizona 6’5" - 249 x

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