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NFC conference is the weak sister

Adam Schefter points out the obvious; the AFC is dominating the NFC right now.

The gap between the AFC and the NFC now is as wide as the one between a varsity team and its junior varsity.

Think about it, because others around the league surely have.

The AFC includes the Indianapolis Colts, the team that won last season's Super Bowl; the New England Patriots, the team favored to win this season's Super Bowl; and the San Diego Chargers, the most talented team not to win a Super Bowl.

Any one of those powerhouses would be anointed the clear-cut favorite to win the NFC. Yet at least two, and possibly all three, will not survive in the AFC.

It hurts my pride to admit the AFC is the better conference right now. Remember back in the day when the NFC would just absolutely crush the AFC with regularity? Ahh, the good old days. Schefter remembers those days, too.

And the AFC has won the past four Super Bowls, and six of the past seven. It has become almost as lopsided as the stretch from 1985-1997, when the NFC won 13 straight Super Bowls and the San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys and Green Bay Packers stood out the way the Patriots, Colts and Chargers do today.

But everything is cyclical. So someday soon the NFC will start its ascendancy back to the top. And the 2007 Dallas Cowboys might as well lead the way.  

Just as a reminder, the Cowboys first minicamp is May 12-14.

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