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Marcus Spears hit hard by college teammate's death

I guess most of you saw the sad news about the death of New England Patriots’ defensive end Marquise Hill over the weekend. Hill played his college ball at LSU, and was a roommate of current defensive end Marcus Spears. Spears is taking the news hard and talked to reporters about it. You can read about it at

"It's tough, man," Spears said on Tuesday, still awaiting official word on the funeral plans. "It's just really tough. I'm still in shock, I guess. We all know death is something we've got to go through. But you're just never prepared for it, especially for a guy who's 24 years old and has a two-year old son. It's just tough."


But in college, he said there was no separating the four who lived in the same house for three years.

"It was me and Marquise, and then Michael Clayton and Ben Wilkerson," Spears said. "We all lived there for about three years. And we always had the same dreams. We all said we were going to win a national championship and we were going to all make it to the pros. And we fulfilled that."

Spears plans to participate in the OTA’s this week up until the point he leaves for the funeral.

I guess Mickey Spags must have seen this line from the Jen Floyd Engel article I referenced in an earlier post.

Even coach Wade Phillips has jumped feet first into this idiocy. "I don’t see any real weaknesses talent-wise," he unwisely said recently.

Wade was talking about the makeup of the Cowboys roster when he said that a few weeks ago. Well, Mick isn't satisfied with a couple of good one liners taking JFE to task on the issue. No siree, Mickey spends an entire article, and a long one at that, attempting to dismantle JFE position-by-position. Of course, he never mentions her by name, but I’m guessing she was the intended target.

There’s nothing like a nice scrap between local Dallas writers.

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