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Pet cat alert. Nick Eatman has an article on some potential pet cats, which he calls UDFA's.

Ola Dagunduro, DT, Nebraska

If there is one position that seems rather thin in terms of depth, it would be defensive tackle. With Jason Ferguson the lone experienced player on the squad, the door is wide open for a rookie such as Dagunduro (6-2, 313) who has experience playing nose tackle.

The Cowboys have second-year veteran Montavious Stanley inside and could possibly move ends Jay Ratliff and Stephen Bowen to tackle in pass-rushing situations. The team also has Remi Ayodele playing overseas in NFL Europa this spring. But for now, Dagunduro is competing with Stanley on the second-team defense. The Nebraska rookie is quick for his size and seems to be a good fit for this defense.

I really know absolutely nothing about Ola, but his name is so cool that he’s my pet cat for training camp. Him and Deon Anderson. Check out the article and let us know who your pet cat is for camp.

Hat tip to Burt D for the link to the Nick Eatman article. You can also read Burt D’s diary here, where he highlights his pet cat, RB Alonzo Coleman.

Via the DMN blog, I got this link to Remi Ayodele’s NFL Europe diary. Check out Akin’s little bro, who will be back for training camp this year.

Dunkman has a good diary here that you guys should check out.

I don’t know about this.

Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban is part of a group considering formation of a football league that would compete with the NFL for players drafted lower than the second round.

The league, still very much in the preliminary stage, would play its games on Friday nights. The NFL does not play then because of the potential conflict with high school football.

Since the AFL, no rival league to the NFL has been a full-fledged success. The USFL managed to produce some players that later excelled in the NFL, but competing against the NFL is usually a doomed proposition. I would place my bet that this new league never even gets underway.

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