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Romo on Dan Patrick recap

Tony Romo was on the Dan Patrick Show. Here’s a recap:

Dan Patrick: Thoughts about the Mavs losing?

Tony Romo: It was disappointing; they had a really successful regular season.

DP: In some way can you identify with Dirk, given what happened to you in the playoff game?

TR: To some extent, but football is different from basketball, in basketball you can rely more on just one guy, football isn’t that way. You have to credit the Golden State defense, they made the Mavs work hard every time just to score.

DP: Does performance in the postseason define greatness?

TR: That’s a fair assessment, it like winning the majors in golf. I want to perform on the big stage, take the Cowboys to a Super bowl. If you win the Super Bowl you’re perceived as a much better QB, even though you’re doing the same things you did before. Payton Manning is even a better QB now that he won it, even though he’s been great year after year.

DP: Can you describe the different feel of the postseason vs. the regular season?

TR: The postseason makes your legacy, its how people will perceive you. Look at A-Rod, dominates the regular season, but the media gets all over him for the postseason. Athletes know that and either rise up or tense up. The only thing I can do is just work as hard as I can to get there.

DP: Did you think the Cowboys might take Quinn, they had him 8th on their board?

TR: I didn’t think they would from listening to people in the organization. I’m a realistic athlete and I understand a team has to do what they need to do to get better. If they thought Quinn was the better fit here, if they felt that way they would have to do it, nothing personal. But the Cowboys believe in me, I think we are going to win here.

DP: What will you miss about Parcells?

TR: He made my job easier. As a QB I needed to know everything, like where the receivers are going to break their routes, that they’re going hard, I need to be comfortable with the player. Bill would make sure everyone was doing their job. He micro-managed, but it was effective. It helped you play better.

DP: Who will miss Parcells more, you or T.O.?

TR: Ahh...I think I will miss him more. But we have a new coach here and it’s an adjustment. But I think Wade Phillips will be a change in a good way.

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