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Mickey and Dr. Z explain their Cowboys draft grades

Tonight I’ll be on the DCFanatic Radio Show at 10 pm EST. I’m not sure exactly what we will be discussing tonight, but I do know it will be about the Dallas Cowboys. DCFanatic posted a diary about the show, here, which includes an interview with 7th-round draft pick Courtney Brown. I know a lot of people, including me, applauded this pick so you should tune in to see what he has to say.

DCFanatic sent me a brief teaser from the interview.

I asked Courtney Brown if he was going to keep a low profile at camp or if he would be trash talking to Terry Glenn and Terrell Owens. His reply:

"I'm gonna let my actions speak for themselves, but if they start talking I'm gonna start talking back."

OK kid, sounds like you aren’t going to back down, but you just better make sure you’re covering them, because talking trash as a rookie and getting toasted at the same time isn’t a good combination. But hey, if you got the confidence and can get the job done, talk away.

Dr. Z took a barrage of criticism for his post-draft column and grades. Here’s his revise on the Cowboys.

Which neatly plays into our next furioso, or at least I read him as furious, Tim of Nashville, who has a whole battery of Cowboy-related questions: "What does 'the audacity of the move gives Dallas its partial grade' mean? Did we pick the Iggles' pocket or not? Do you like Spencer and next year's Browns' pick as the centerpiece of the draft? What about Carpenter No.1 last year? And Ware the year before? Are we like the Lions, just drafting the same position with lower picks?"

To answer in order: Part of the grade I gave the Cowboys is a reflection of the audacity involved in actually getting a divisional rival to trade with them. In other words, the good part. Yes they came out ahead, at the expense of Philly, getting a No.1 without having to give one up. Yeah, I like Spencer and Cleveland's No.1 in '08. I still think Carpenter will develop. OK, so the last three No.1's have been defensive front seven, but they addressed the offense with T.O. and Tony Romo last year, so you can't really call them Johnny One Note. I hope I've answered something for you here.

From Cary of Hilo, Hawaii: "Don't you think the Cowboys should get a higher grade, since they also got Cleveland's No.1 for next year, which could be a top 10 pick?" Absolutely. I was too hasty. Let's raise them to B-.

Mickey Spags didn’t escape the wrath of the fans for his post draft grade. Spags gave the Cowboys and A- and that was generally higher than most grades. Once again, Cowboys fans accuse Mick of "towing the company line."

Q: I have been reading your column for a couple of years, and I think you have finally lost it. Did you notice your GPA for Dallas was the highest of those quoted? Thanks for your unbiased opinion. Your reasoning to not choose Brady Quinn was weak. Dallas drafted no one projected to start. Backup picks, then why not a quarterback? If Tony Romo is the franchise quarterback, why can't he take a little competition? Philip Rivers and Drew Brees worked in San Diego, didn't they? I want Romo to be it but if he is not, you are always preaching fiscal responsibility. What costs less, a quarterback drafted 22 or one drafted in the top 10 next year? If Dallas' draft board had Quinn ranked in the top10, how is this not a good pick?

Mickey: So wait, let me get this straight. You can only have an unbiased opinion if I disagree with what the Cowboys do, simply agree with everyone else's grade or agree with you. Just what if I'm right, did you ever think of that, but then you sound like someone who is always willing to follow the crowd. Your comparison to San Diego doesn't flush. The Chargers had Brees for three seasons without success before he finally flourished. The Cowboys have only looked at Romo for 10 games. While you are right about the costs of a quarterback drafted No. 22 being less, let me ask you this: Do you purchase a house at a decent price while still living in one you're not sure you want to keep after a year? This isn't much different.

OK, I could have done without the bizarre house analogy at the end by Mickey. There’s a few more readers at Mick’s Mail that really tear into him as being a homer.

Keyshawn may end up with the Packers.

Packers coach Mike McCarthy confirmed the team's interest in free-agent wide receiver Keyshawn Johnson, saying the opportunity to add someone who can help the team would never be overlooked.

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