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Cowboys news and notes

You can watch Julius Jones and Akin Ayodele on the BET show Ballers, here. This is the interview where Julius said Parcells had him running like a robot. Ayodele also had some interesting things to say, like he hated it in Jacksonville and that the defense last year sometimes felt the coaches were calling the wrong alignments and not putting them in the best position to make plays. I sure get the feeling that a substantial part of the team wasn’t happy with the coaching staff last year. Of course, it’s always easier to blame someone else for your own failures.

Hat tip to Boyzmamacita at the Zone for the link. has another stadium update video, here.

Rick Gosselin runs down the effect Roger Goodell’s good citizenship campaign had on the draft.

In my draft research, 15 teams told me they had taken [Tarell] Brown, a North Mesquite and UT product, and [Eric] Wright completely off their draft boards. Character issues cost some players to slide a few picks, other players a full round and still others several rounds.

Billy Cundiff lands in Atlanta.

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