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Cowboys' Stanback becomes media darling

Isaiah Stanback has somehow become the media darling of the Cowboys draft. I’ve already read numerous articles about the fourth-round pick; plenty more articles than I’ve read about our first pick, Anthony Spencer. I’ve even written about him more than our other picks. I’m not entirely sure why that is, but Calvin Watkins drops another Stanback article on us in today’s DMN.

One thing I really hope Stanback can do is return punts. But if he is going to do that, he’s going to learn on the job.

Dallas called the Washington coaches asking for videotape of Stanback returning kicks. Sure, they said. Stanback had returned kickoffs, but never a punt. Not even in high school.

Please hurry up and learn the art of fielding a punt Stanback. If you’re not going to do it for yourself or for the Cowboys – do it for Terence Newman. I can’t watch him get decked on punt returns again like last year.

Peter King on the lunacy of draft grades.

  1. I think what's so insane about draft grades the day after the draft -- I don't give them -- is this: The same people who gave Dallas a C this year for an uninspired first-round choice (Anthony Spencer of Purdue) will give them an A next year because they'll have one high first-round pick and one middle- to low-one, and they'll pick players of some fame. The Cowboys should get the A this year, not next year, because this is the year they wrangled from Cleveland what is almost certain to be a high pick in 2008's first round, and for what ended up being, in essence, third- and fifth-round picks. Next year Jerry Jones will get more pats on the back for having Cleveland's first-round pick than he ever got for winning a Super Bowl.

Pete, while I get your overall sentiment here, I think you’re missing out on the details. First, I don’t remember a lot of draft grades saying Anthony Spencer was an uninspired choice. For example:

Kiper: Purdue's Anthony Spencer -- who I think has a chance to be the rookie of the year -- gives Dallas a great pass-rusher opposite DeMarcus Ware.

Prisco: Best pick: I love Anthony Spencer. Wade Phillips will turn him into another Shawne Merriman, especially teaming with DeMarcus Ware.

I think most graders liked the Anthony Spencer choice.

Second, most of the draft grades given to the Cowboys in some respect included the first-round pick next year. I certainly included it in mine. Here’s another:

Yahoo Sports: They did some top-notch wheeling and dealing with Cleveland and Philadelphia. When the first day was all said and done, Dallas basically slid back four spots in the first round, from 22 to 26, and gave up a third- and fifth-round pick for Cleveland's first-rounder next year. That was an "A+" maneuver.

Now, here’s the tricky part. The Cowboys obtaining an extra first-round pick next year should be included in the analysis of this year’s draft, but what if the Cowboys draft a dud with that pick? Then do you grade down next year and go back and retroactively grade down this year’s draft?

But let me make the big point: Draft grades immediately following a draft are just for fun. They’re for entertainment purposes. No one actually believes these grades are accurate indicators of anything. They are just opinions and are something that has become a silly ritual. In fact, the fact that I spent this much time on the subject is silly. But hey, it’s the offseason, and a I need to fill space!

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