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Talkin' Romo

Romo is in a contract year, we can’t lose sight of that fact.

Jones and the Cowboys will likely show their confidence in a financial way, possibly giving the quarterback a new contract before the start of this coming season. Romo is entering the final year of the two-year contract extension he signed last August that will pay him $1.5 million this season, thanks to an extra $500,000 he earned based on playing-time incentives last year.

"I've never really thought about having it done at this time or that time," Romo said. "It really doesn't matter to me. It's all about just playing a game. If you don't worry about the money, and concentrate on what it takes to get better, usually the money will just take care of itself. I try not to worry about things that are out of my control."

That’s the correct thing to say, but we have to worry about the money, and the contract. The Cowboys have already tipped their hand in by-passing Brady Quinn in the draft. That move told Romo and his agent all they needed to know about the Cowboys intentions. They see Romo as the future. The question is do you sign the future before the season starts? If you do, and he has a good season, then you’ve made the right choice. If you don’t and he has a good season, his market-value skyrockets. The same applies to the inverse. If you sign him and he tanks in 2007, then you’re stuck. If you don’t sign him and he tanks, then you made the right move.

Ah, decisions, decisions. But this one isn’t that hard. Like I said above, the Cowboys just passed on Quinn so they might as well get Romo under contract for the next few seasons.

What’s Romo up to nowadays?

Most of Romo's work these days consists of studying. He said trying to learn Jason Garrett's new offense has been time-consuming, but he's hopeful things will start to fall into place for himself and his offensive teammates after the completion of the Cowboys' first mini-camp, which takes place at Valley Ranch May 12-14.

"We're putting in a lot of time, but we're gaining more confidence with it," said Romo, who has been participating in the team's passing sessions with quarterbacks and receivers twice a week for the last month. "Right now, it's more of a learning time. But once we get past this first mini-camp, I'm sure I'll feel a lot better about things."

Here’s a dissenting view on the Cowboys draft from the SA E-X.

Anthony Spencer in the first round really isn’t the issue because it is likely he will turn out to be a good player. Most first-round picks turn out to be good players. But Super Bowls are won in rounds two through seven and this is where Jones failed. Again. Reaching for a couple of cornerbacks in the seventh round? A kicker? A quarterback who will be converted into a wide receiver?

If the 2007 draft proved anything, it’s that Jerry Jones is back in charge at Valley Ranch. But his draft history minus Jimmy Johnson is terrible.

Why should anyone believe it’s going to change?

I don’t endorse this view all of the way; I don’t think this draft was terrible and Stanback as a converted QB to WR may turn out to be a great move. But, I do agree that Stanback was a risk, one of those "swing for the fences" at-bats by Jerry Jones. If it works and Stanback can truly get it done at WR then Jerry and Co. are geniuses, if it doesn’t then it would remind me of the drafts before the arrival of the Tuna. I also have to agree that the two CB’s in the seventh round was too much. The Courtney Brown pick was a good one, but following that up with Alan Ball I still can’t understand. They must see something in him that doesn’t show up in the scouting reports so if he makes the team and is a contributor, I’ll admit I was wrong. I just can’t see it happening though, and will continue to think it was a bad pick until proven otherwise. Plus, they passed on some players who I thought could help this team and I won’t even go into the kicker argument again.

So while I agree with some of the underlining opinion found in the article, the tone is a little harsh. Not about the past drafts per se, because we have had some bad ones here with Jerry in charge, but this year’s draft is hardly in that category, yet.

And you can't forget about one thing - the Browns pick in 2008. That is a genius move in itself.

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