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Romo comes up short

Tony Romo didn’t make the US Open local qualifying cut. He just couldn’t sink the short putts. But the good news - he can now worry exclusively about the Cowboys and dating Carrie Underwood. Golf is on the back-burner, and lack of practice time has hurt his game.

"I don't get out to play as much anymore," Romo said. "But it's nice to be able to come out once in a while and play a decent round. You just can't play a lot in my profession."

And not just with his profession, but his position on the team. As the Cowboys' starting quarterback, Romo knows the stakes are higher. While he said he was playing about twice a week last year, he said he's only getting to the golf course about once a week these days, if that.

"Well, it's just harder now," he said. "I just think with a new staff and everything. I have to learn a whole new offense. And I still have to improve. Football is what I do. It brings me the most enjoyment. It allows me to live a fulfilled life right now. And I just enjoy the aspect of being able to play every week. I know it's not fun if I'm not playing well."

JJT on Greg Ellis:

No one really knows whether Greg Ellis will return from his ruptured Achilles' tendon and be the same quality player he's always been.

So the Cowboys had to take Spencer. This defense simply doesn't work without two legitimate pass rushers, and three should not be considered an abundance.

If Ellis doesn't like it, he should get over it.

Now that's cold...but true. JJT also does some Q&A.

Don’t go ballistic Terry, but this FOX Sports fantasy football ranking only has Tony Romo as the #13 QB. I guess it’s because we got a strong running game.

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