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OTA report

Good work this afternoon from the DMN blog, covering today's OTA.

All the starting O-line was present and accounted for, but Flozell Adams still isn't working out. He appeared to have a slight limp. Pat McQuistan filled in for Flo at LT again.

McQ has supposedly moved to guard, yet he’s the starting LT in the OTA’s and he’s been working out at center, too. McQ is making himself valuable, especially on game day rosters.

Linebacker-turned-fullback Oliver Hoyte was back with the linebackers. Not sure if that's just an experimental deal or permanent.

Hmm...Deon Anderson looking good?

Me, on April 29th this year.

Also, is there a possibility of Oliver Hoyte going back to inside linebacker? We are thin at the position, and if Anderson can play, then either Hoyte or Polite have to go, so could Hoyte head back over to defense? Just a thought.

I wouldn’t mind Hoyte back at LB if Deon Anderson is a player. We know Polite is a solid backup, but I don’t want him starting this year. I’m hoping Deon Anderson will make a push in training camp for the starter role.

Undrafted free agent Dedrick Harrington was getting as many reps as Bobby Carpenter at inside linebacker. Don't want to overreact, but that can't be a good thing for last year's first-round pick.

Maybe they just want to get a look at the UDFA Harrington.

Also, go over and check out this report on Tony Romo and his judging at the Miss USA contest.

BTB-regular dunkman also has a diary on the DMN blog report, here. Go check it out.

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