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Cowboys finish up practices until TC

I was away from the computer all yesterday afternoon and night so I didn’t get to cover the Wade Phillips press conference but you can listen to it here.

One of the themes in the articles out this morning is that DeMarcus Ware and Roy Williams will be in attack mode on this defense. I know we’ve been talking about that ever since Wade Phillips was hired and we got an understanding of the Phillips 34, but to hear it confirmed more and more is a good thing. For instance:

Now, Ware is being asked to line up at different spots along the line of scrimmage. He might line up outside or inside the offensive tackles or between the guard and center. This movement is supposed to confuse offensive linemen and running backs who are trying to block him. Phillips also wants Ware to blitz much more.

"You can create," Ware said. "We can be a lot more aggressive instead of being a passive defense. This year, we'll call our own plays before the offense breaks the huddle so we can be ready."

And then there’s this about Roy:

Williams will be closer to the line of scrimmage in coach Wade Phillips' new scheme. Instead of lining up 15 yards deep as he did the past few years, he will play only seven yards deep.


"It does feel better knowing that I am going to be involved more in the defense," Williams said Saturday. "Coach Phillips said they are going to install some plays for me. I don't know about blitzing. I look forward to more tackles for losses."

But not only is the defense going into attack mode, it sounds like the offense will be more aggressive, too.

Tight end Jason Witten said he feels there are more deep routes for him in Garrett's playbook than he's had in the past.

"I think we're all anxious to see what kind of a play-caller he's going to be," Witten said. "I know he feels like the running game is important, but I think he's going to be a down-the-field guy."

I’ll say one thing, for everybody who was frustrated with Parcells’ scheme of ball-control offense, bend-but-don’t-break defense, and general philosophy of don’t make mistakes that will beat you – you are agoing to get your wish this year. The Cowboys under Wade Phillips look to be a high-risk, high-reward type of football team.

What a coincidence – Greg Ellis’ agent showed up at practice on Saturday. He even got a meeting with Stephen Jones and informally talked to Jerry on the sidelines.

James Williams, the agent for frustrated linebacker Greg Ellis, arrived at the Cowboys' Valley Ranch complex for the afternoon practice and met with Jones and executive vice president Stephen Jones

Ellis has asked for his release if the team does not rework his contract, something the Cowboys are not willing to do. Ellis attended the minicamp and continued his rehab from a torn Achilles' tendon. He said he will be ready for training camp.

But Jerry is spilling any beans about the conversations.

"There will be no comments about that at all," Jerry Jones said of his meeting with Williams.

Depth is a problem at NT and TE, but the Cowboys believe they have the right guys already on the roster to fill-in at those spots. Including my pet cat Ola Dagunduro.

Dagunduro was a highly-prized signee after the draft who said he fielded interest from virtually every team in the league. So why Dallas?

"My agent looked into (depth charts) all over the league, and said I would have a great chance to make the squad here," Dagunduro said between the final two workouts of the June mini-camp on Saturday. "So I took it."

Here are some generic practice notes.

Also, check out the DMN blog, they have some good posts about yesterday, too.

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