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The big wait

Forty four days and counting. That’s how long we have to wait until things really pick up for the Cowboys. Forty four days until training camp practices begin. That’s an eternity in blog time. I’m sure I’ll make up some stories over that time period, but it’s just not the same as actually writing about practices, depth charts, player’s attendance at OTA’s, and the other things that really matter. Now we’ll be reduced to the Tony Romo watch - who will he date next? Oy.

The other thing you get a lot of this time of year is the athlete human interest story. You know, the Up Close and Personal thing that serves the Olympics so well every four years because we usually have no idea who those athletes are entering the games. So the media needs to create a connection with the athletes and there’s no better way to do that than to delve into their past and give you the "overcomes the obstacles" angle.

For the Cowboys, that process starts today with this piece about Dallas rookie Anthony Spencer. Instead of trying to pull quotes and comment on the facts of Spencer’s life, I’ll just say go read it.

Now, I open the floor to you. What stories, angles or questions would you like to see covered by the media about the Cowboys over the next month or so? I will endeavor to cover these issues if I can.

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