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Cowboys defense on the move

If you want to read another article about Roy Williams playing closer to the line, has one here. But I found this part more interesting.

Changes aren't just being made for Williams, though. Phillips also is plotting how to use [DeMarcus] Ware differently. Instead of lining up almost exclusively on the right side of the Cowboys defense, Phillips is employing his outside linebackers as weak side and strong side. The idea is to play Ware on the weak side, away from the tight end, and either Greg Ellis or first-round draft choice Anthony Spencer on the strong side - or to the tight end side. That should keep offenses from forcing Ware to deal with an extra guy on the offensive line, unless they motion the tight end to his side.

This is another departure from Parcells’ version of the 3-4 defense and Phillips’ version. Parcells was all about lining up guys in the same position and challenging the offense to beat them. He had a big belief in conserving energy between plays and didn’t like for the defense to shift around as much as other teams. Phillips, on the other hand, will move guys around and have them change positions, right up until the ball is snapped. I watched some tape on the San Diego defense earlier this year and they used a lot of movement, especially with the linebackers. He’s also said you could find Ware lined up not just at WOLB, but in other spots along the front seven. In the Phillips 34, they’ll take more chances at overloading a side of the line or a particular gap.

The defense won’t be as static this year, expect guys to be on the move in the Phillips 34.

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