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The Tony Romo Love Machine

Tony Romo and his request for a new contract is the story that is making the rounds over the last couple of days. Everybody’s talking about it, and everybody has an opinion. In my previous post I highlighted Tim Cowlishaw’s view on the situation, which came down on the side of wait-and-see. So today, I post an opposing view, that of FOX Sports Adam Schein, who sounds like he has a bigger crush on Romo than Carrie Underwood. (But he’s got nothing on BTB’s own Terry.)

First, the preliminaries, where Schein highlights the other Cowboys player's love for Romo.

And when you talk to the Cowboys players this offseason, they gush about their quarterback. Bradie James tells us that you see Romo working longer hours as new offensive coordinator Jason Garrett tries to install a game plan featuring more of a West Coast Offense. And James reveals that the signal caller has looked razor sharp in that new offense.

Marc Colombo says that Romo's confidence and work ethic are contagious. Julius Jones reports that you absolutely see a different Romo in minicamps this year, one who walks and talks and practices with the responsibility and moxie of being the quarterback and leader in Dallas. Marcus Spears says the entire team takes its lead from Romo, and he's the player to lead Dallas back to the Super Bowl.

Let’s just rename him The Tony Romo Love Machine. If he’s not loving on blonde singers, others are loving on him.

But to the point of Schein's article, which is that the Cowboys should sign Romo now, without delay.

And Jerry Jones will pay him before the start of the regular season, even more likely before the start of training camp.

Some argue there is risk involved in giving Romo, a career back-up before last season, a long-term financial commitment.

Except that Jones and Wade Phillips have already given Romo the commitment on the field. They didn't draft Brady Quinn. They didn't trade for Josh McCown to compete. This is Tony Romo's team. And after what he did last season and after looking into the crystal ball and believing Romo will only get better and throw fewer interceptions in 2007 and beyond, it's the smart play. It's the only play.

I wrote about this a couple of days ago. The Cowboys have essentially said Romo is their guy; they love him enough to pass on Brady Quinn and signed Brad Johnson as the backup, a vet who is certainly not going to compete with Romo for the starting position. So the Cowboys have showed their cards, but it still doesn’t mean that they will sign him before the season. Even though he is currently thought of as the future, in the NFL the future can change from minute-to-minute.
It’s kind of like the Cowboys are engaged to Romo, but haven’t married him yet. But they better hurry, because the rumor is Romo might get married to someone else, namely Carrie Underwood.

Hat tip to dunkman for the link.

Meanwhile, Randy Galloway covers the subject of Romo’s contract request, here.

Since we’re talking about Tony Romo, check out the indomitable Tek2000’s new YouTube video on the rise (and fall) of Tony Romo.

To close, an article about how life won’t be the same on Sunday’s for the city of Walla-Walla, Washington. All because Tony Romo replaced their favorite NFL player, Drew Bledsoe.

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