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Flozell in decline

Flozell lands on a list of 10 veterans who are in decline. Tell us something we don’t know.

Despite earning his third Pro Bowl nomination in 2006, Adams fell below his previous playing level. Still recovering from a torn ACL, he lacked the quickness and agility to handle speed rushers. Considering Adams massive size, it's not surprising he struggled with finesse rushers, but in the past he did a better job of overwhelming them with his power.

But the situation is still this: Flozell may be in decline and not the player he was once was – and that player has always been maddeningly inconsistent – but he’s better than our other options at this point. And, he’s still better than a lot of left tackles in this league. I view Flozell as a blessing and a curse. Face it, it could be much worse for us, {cough - Torrin Tucker}, but I do look forward to the day one of our young guys can take over and man the left tackle spot competently and consistently. That day is probably a year away since this is Flozell’s contract year.

We have a couple of new blogs at SB Nation. Baltimore Beat Down covers the Baltimore Ravens, and the Canal Street Chronicles, which covers the New Orleans Saints. Or, as we like to call them, the Dallas Cowboys East.

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