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Terry Glenn gets some love

KC Joyner presents a short list of overrated and underrated receivers. You guys know Joyner, he’s the "football scientist" who creates all kind of detailed stats most of us have never heard of to more accurately gauge the production of a football player. I don’t claim to understand them all or even believe that they are more accurate predictors of a player’s success in the league, but they are always interesting discussion topics.

On top of his short (two players) underrated receiver list is Terry Glenn.

Terry Glenn
Terrell Owens gets the most press in Dallas, but the metrics indicate Glenn was the better receiver in 2006, and it wasn't even close. Glenn had the third-best overall YPA, the ninth-best bomb pass YPA and the seventh-best medium pass YPA.

Contrast that with Owens' ranking overall YPA (40th), bomb pass YPA (37th) and medium pass YPA (34th), and it is clear Glenn is the more consistent and explosive receiver. Owens is still a productive player, as evidenced by his 13 touchdowns, but Glenn is the far more reliable receiver.

OK, I agree that Glenn is underrated and has experienced a re-birth here in Dallas. In fact, the deal that got Glenn to Dallas for a sixth-round pick is an underrated steal in the annals of trades.

But here’s my issue with some of these stats by Joyner, I love what Glenn does, but really, aren’t Owens’ 13 TD’s the more important stat? The object is to score, and while Glenn’s receptions help set up those scores, he doesn’t actually put the ball in the endzone as much.

This question isn’t really about whether Glenn or Owens is the better receiver; each excels in their own way. My question is more about breaking down football stats into such minutiae, that sometimes they lose the overall essence of the game. I don’t have an answer; I’m actually opening it up for discussion. takes a look at guys who got something to prove this year, in fantasy-land.

Julius Jones, RB, Dallas:
Jones is in the midst of a six-year contract but the final two years can be voided based on certain incentives, so he can become an unrestricted free agent after the 2007 season. While his backfield mate, Marion Barber, will be the more attractive choice in most drafts due to his nose for the end zone, Jones seems to be much more comfortable with Wade Phillips at the helm and will look to produce well for his own professional (and financial) reasons.

Tony Romo, QB, Dallas: There has been much talk about an extension for Romo after the Cowboys showed faith in his skills and decided to pass on Brady Quinn in the NFL Draft, but at this time he is still without a long-term deal. Considered the heir apparent to Troy Aikman, Romo threw an impressive 17 touchdown passes in 10 starts last season and should be motivated to prove his success was no fluke. He'll no doubt be a borderline No. 1 or 2 fantasy quarterback in all formats.

Keith Davis prepares for life after football, which might come sooner than he thinks. I kid, sorta.

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