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Supplemental NFL draft

This one is for BTB-regular barrypopik, who has been keeping us up to date on the supplemental draft in the diaries. Lenny P. weighs in on the supplemental with these note on CB Paul Oliver and OT Jared Gaither.

CB Paul Oliver

The best guess on his stock right now: About the fourth round in the supplemental, although a third-round perch isn't out of the question, especially if Oliver has solid workouts for the teams that have arranged individual sessions.

OT Jared Gaither (who has yet to decide on his entry into the draft)

Scouts love Gaither's size -- some feel he eventually could start in the NFL, perhaps at guard -- but fret over his work ethic. But if he declares for the supplemental draft, a lot of scouts will be scrambling to get a first-hand look at him.

Matt Mosley pinch hits over at AOL Fanhouse for a look at the Top 5 athletes in the city of Dallas. It’s more about popularity than who is the actual better athlete. Two Cowboys make his list.

3. T.O. -- I had trouble with this decision because he's easily the most recognizable athlete in town. I just don't see him being a fan favorite. He's more of an oddity at this point. That said, you see a ton of his jerseys at Texas Stadium. I think fans are sort of fascinated with his celebrity. I do have to hand it to him that he's not an entourage guy. When he goes out, he usually has one security guard that monitors things from afar.

2. Tony Romo -- I can't recall a local athlete having a more dramatic rise to fame. I think everyone in the city was wearing his jersey the day after he led the Cowboys to a road win over Carolina in his first start. He now refers to Bill Parcells as a "good kid" and judges Miss Universe. Those who thought he might not recover from The Bobble have never spent any time around him. He's simply not familiar with self-doubt.

Venture over into enemy territory at for a take on the QB’s in the NFC East. On Romo, they mention he came out of the gate on fire, but...

Did it all come too soon for the 27-year-old Romo?

Romo and the Cowboys struggled down the stretch, as Dallas lost three of their last four regular-season games to fall out of first place in the NFC East and finish at 9-7.

Disaster struck in the Cowboys' Wild Card playoff game at Seattle. Romo mishandled the ball while holding for a potential game-winning field goal in the final minutes.

Terry, don’t go ballistic on me, I’m just relaying the news!

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