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Cowboys news and notes has an article on backup QB Brad Johnson. I think I can sum it up with this one Wade Phillips quote.

"He knows how to get rid of the football," Phillips said.

Ha! He better, because he sure ain’t avoiding the rush. At his age, getting rid of the ball is a survival strategy.

Seriously though, if he has to go in for half a game, or a full game, or two; we might be OK. But any extended stay at QB means we’re sunk.

Adam Schein thinks Chris Canty will have a breakout year.

Chris Canty: The first few seasons for Canty as a pro ball player have been solid. Canty's upside is spectacular. You have to jog the mental rolodex to Canty's junior year at the University of Virginia to remember how explosive he can be. In talking to the Dallas defensive end, he thinks that this will be his breakout season under Wade Phillips. Everyone's talking about the impact Phillips will have on Marcus Spears, but watch Canty become a major disruption to offenses this season.

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