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Cowboys sign a familiar center

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The Cowboys dipped into their recent past to sign a center that has hung around on the fringes of our roster for a couple of years.

The Cowboys connected with a familiar face Friday, claiming center Matt Tarullo off waivers from Indianapolis.

Originally signed as an undrafted free agent out of Syracuse, Tarullo spent the 2005 season on the Cowboys' practice squad and had a six-week spell there in 2006 after failing to make the team out of training camp.

Not having a true center with any significant experience behind Andre Gurode, this move is a smart one, even if it’s just for training camp. Center is definitely one of the weakest positions on the roster once you got past Gurode.

The NFL Network revisited the Everson Walls/Ron Springs kidney story and filed this report. Now this is a story that is worthy of praise, especially considering the run of knuckleheads in the NFL making outrageously bad decisions as of late. I didn’t even mind Ron Springs’ son and current Redskins CB Shawn Springs making an appearance in the report. It turns out that the younger Springs wears #24 in tribute to Everson Walls because the families were very close in Springs’ formative years.

So again, a big kudos to Everson Walls who made a huge sacrifice to help out his friend and saved his life by donating a healthy kidney. It really puts things in perspective.

Clark Judge has a list of offseason moves he likes, moves he’s not sure about and moves he doesn’t like. One move the Cowboys made shows up in the "not sure" list.

Leonard Davis, T, Dallas
He couldn't play tackle in Arizona, and he won't play there in Dallas. Instead, the Cowboys will use him at guard, which is smart. But at the cost of $50 million? Please. The guy had a reputation as an underachiever in Arizona, and I just don't see how a fat paycheck cures that. And I'm not alone. "He's not a guard," said one scout. "He's a tackle. And he's not a very good one. They grossly overpaid." We'll see.

Not that this has anything to do with anything, but since Judge recognizes that Davis will be playing guard, why do they still list him as a tackle? I'm just saying.

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