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Cowboys random articles

Akin’s little brother, Remi Ayodele, got some game experience in Europe this summer. His team played in the World Bowl but lost. Now he’s going to come home, rest up, and go to training camp.

Sent to Frankfurt by the Cowboys to develop his skills and fundamentals, Ayodele, a former South Grand Prairie High School standout, has 15 tackles and a sack for the 7-3 Galaxy and has excelled on special teams.

Found this nugget in some random newspaper.

The Sporting News Pro Football Preview issue is on the news stands and if you look inside, you'll see the Steelers are predicted to finish third in the AFC North with a 7-9 record. The Bengals are picked to go 10-6 and win the division and the New England Patriots are picked to beat the Dallas Cowboys in the Super Bowl.

I don’t have the actual magazine, so I don’t know what else it said, but hey, at least someone is picking us to make the Super Bowl. But why couldn’t they just pick us to win?

Jason Witten held a football camp, and when he holds a camp, a lot of kids show up.

Despite their best efforts, the two dozen campers who tried to wrestle Jason Witten to the ground had little success budging the three-time Pro Bowl tight end of the Dallas Cowboys.

All 1,050 kids at Witten’s fourth annual football skills camp couldn’t have moved the Elizabethton native, whose feet were planted firmly on the field named after his grandfather.

Wow, over 1,000 kids at his camp. That’s huge. Witten also said his sponsors wanted him to move the camp to a bigger city, but Witten refused to move from Elizabethton, TN, the place where he grew up.

He also brought along some friends.

On Saturday, Witten brought some big names along with him. In attendance were Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, safety Terrance Newman and University of Tennessee quarterback Erik Ainge.

Mr. Cowboy, Bob Lilly, gets some ink in a "where are they now" column at ESPN.

Bob Lilly, known as "Mr. Cowboy," has become the consummate photographer since his retirement from football in 1974. After photographing his teammates for the 1992 book "Reflections," which he co-authored with Dallas sportswriter Sam Blair, Lilly has turned his lens to the outdoors.

Lilly spends his time photographing nature in the Southwest these days. He also knows something about the fight over pensions for the old-timers in the NFL that’s been in the news lately.

Lilly enjoys life despite not having a lot of money. His pension from the NFL is $112.50 a month, which he said is barely enough to pay his electric bill. Recently, he needed a new set of teeth as a result of deformities suffered during his playing days. The procedure cost more than $20,000.

"I am lucky that I have a little savings from the money I made in real estate," Lilly said. "When people talk about the (NFL) pension issue, I know what it feels like."

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