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Roll call: Going to TC edition

Just a few words about training camp. Yes, I will be attending this year for two weeks and I will be filing practice reports again this year for each session. I’ll also be doing some radio shows with DCFanatic on a regular basis. We hope to make it a call in show so you can ask about pet cats or other players who aren’t getting covered. We haven’t got it all worked out yet, but I’ll let you know once the plans are final.

Next, I wanted to say great jobs with the diaries lately. The reason they’re available is so you guys can post the things I’m not covering or just your own thoughts on a subject. Also, it’s a great place to post rumors like dunkman’s diary on Bill Cowher. That’s what makes BTB, and SB Nation blogs in general, so user friendly. My voice isn’t the only voice here; you guys have a lot of control, too. So use it and keep posting diaries.

Let’s turn this into a roll call. We haven’t had one in a while, so let’s check in with the hardcore readers, you guys who visit BTB even in the depths of the dead season. Sign-in, and tells us whatever you want. I’ll go first.

I’m Grizz and I think the Cowboys are peachy keen. Click on my name in a post for my user profile.

Your turn.

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